• ARM Maintenance package

    Technician holding the wrench

    1.   Inspection service (From $50)

    2.   Service including oil change (From $75 / SUV $100 / 4WD $120)

    3.   A/C re-gas (From $90)

    4.   Major service (From $150) including oil service, air filter and brake oil

    ♦Senior service discount: 10% off parts

  • Vehicle Services 자동차 서비스

      1.  Car maintenance service

           – Engine, Transmission, P/S , Differential gearbox and Brake oil
           – EFI engine tuning
           – Heating system (radiator, hose, heater core etc.)
           – Air conditioning (134a Gas)
           – Battery test & replace

      2.  Electrical diagnostic service

           – Treble code check & repair
           – All light system
           – Engine management system

      3.  Brake & Clutch repair service

           – Brake line, pads & shoes, rotors
           –  Caliper, wheel cylinder

      4.  Suspension & Steering repair

           – Shockers, control arm, spring

      5.  Muffler & Exhaust change

      6.  Tyres change & Balance

  • Extra Services 부가 서비스

    1. Engine oil flush (From $15)

    Clean oil, Clean engine!
    Don’t contaminate your new oil.

         –  Helps maintaining a clean and healthy engine internal lubrication system
         –  Extends new oil life
         –  Helps to reduce exhaust emissions
         –  Allows for a quieter smoother running engine

    Power steering system flush (From $50)

    Extreme operating pressure and temperature reduce the life of power steering fluid.

          –  Smoother and quieter operation
          –  Extends the life of seals and components
          –  Prolongs the life of the entire power steering system
          –  Revitalizes and condition orings and seals

    Fuel injection service (From $100)

    Avoid blocked arteries in your fuel system.

          –  Improved engine, power and performance
          –  Improved fuel economy 
          –  Comprehensive full fuel system service
          –  Saves you money and helps the environment

    Auto transmission flush (From $200)

    We help you keeping that new car feeling with regular transmission servicing.

          –  Smoother and quieter operation
          –  Safely removes varnish, sludge and oxidised fluids
          –  Optimise transmission efficiency
          –  Prolong transmission life

    Air conditioning purification service (From $100)

    Breathe easy with regular air conditioning purification.

          –  Cleans and sanitises the complete air conditioning system and car interior
          –  Eliminates bad odours and smells
          –  Purification using the latest ozone technology
          –  Help to improve air conditioning efficiency

    Cooling system flush (from $60)

  • Engine Oil Service 엔진오일 서비스

          –  Engine oil and filter change (up to 5L of semi-synthetic oil)

          –  Check all light, hand brake and wiper blades

          –  Inspect air filter, belts, and spark plugs

          –  Check oil level and condition

          –  Top up fluids (battery, P/S, transmission, brake, coolant and windscreen washer)

          –  Check suspension, break, and tyre pressure

          –  Inspection and safety check